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Saturday, April 3, 2010

S2 Security Releases 4.0 Software

S2 Security recently released the 4.0 software. The 4.0 software offers some real nice enhancements to the existing platform. The major enhancements include Layouts, Partitions, and new Network Video Recording integration.

With Layouts the user can now customize the look and feel of the software, allowing you to create a custom page for viewing the system events, cameras, and even other web pages.

Partitions allow for the creation of a subsystem within the larger system. This subsystem has independent control of its readers and doors. Ideal for multi-tenant buildings or for organizations in which each department or division needs independent control.

The exacqVision Network Video Recorders can now integrate with the S2 Security system. This integration allows for linking of video clips with card activities as well as viewing the cameras from the S2 software.

For current Netbox system users S2 will not be making any further advances in the 3.x software. The Netbox system software will not be developed beyond the 3.3 version. S2 will continue to offer patches for known issues, however, no new features will be added to this software.

Current users will need to upgrade their Netbox Controller to the Netbox Extreme, Enterprise, or Enterprise Ultra Controller in order to operate the 4.0 software. S2 offers a 50% credit for the existing Netbox software and Netbox Controller to be applied toward the purchase of the Netbox Extreme, Enterprise, or Enterprise Ultra Controller and 4.0 software.

The Netbox Extreme allows for 64 Network Nodes and up to 256 Portals (Readers) with up to 10 concurrent users. The Extreme Controller is eight times faster than the Netbox controller. This system can process 10 Events per Second

The Enterprise system allows for 64 Network Nodes and up to 896 Portals (Readers) with up to 25 concurrent users. This system can process 20 Events per Second.

The Enterprise Ultra system allows for up to 256 Network Nodes and up to 3,584 Portals (Readers) with up to 35 concurrent users. This system can process 30 Events per Second.