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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Videofied Wireless Video Alarm System

Protection Plus Security Services, Inc. is proud to offer the Videofied wireless video alarm system. The Videofied wireless video alarm system is a wireless battery operated security system that communicates alarm and video clips over the cellular data network to the Central Monitoring Station. This system provides a 10 second video clip for the Central Station operator to review and verify the presence of an intruder. The system is completely battery operated utilizing AA and D cell lithium batteries. The battery life is rated for up to four years, dependant on alarm activity. Two years is more likely. 

The system is supervised from the control panel to the device locations. Each device on the system is configured to check in every eight minutes. The devices connected to the system are supervised for state (armed / disarmed), tamper, and battery status. Each device transmits a unique secure identification code.

Since no electrical power or phone lines are required for this system it is ideal for applications where this is an issue, such as construction sites, equipment storage yards, vacant buildings, or remote buildings. As long as you have cellular signals this system can be deployed.

It is also ideal for deployments requiring alarm verification. With many of the police jurisdictions refusing to respond to unverified alarm signals this system allows the means of verifying the alarm. This system is very cost effective when compared to the costs of installing an alarm system plus a video surveillance system.

The Videofied system consists of the control panel and one wireless keypad. This system allows for up to 24 additional wireless devices to be connected to the system. It allows for up to 19 user codes, each user code can be 4 to 6 digits long. Devices include a wireless indoor motion detector with built-in camera, a wireless outdoor rated motion detector with built-in camera, a wireless door or window contact, a wireless interior siren, a wireless outdoor siren and strobe, a wireless unsupervised keyfob for limited system activation and panic alarm, and a wireless badge reader for arming and disarming the system with a proximity card.

The heart of the system is the wireless passive infrared motion detection cameras. Two models are available; an indoor rated unit and an outdoor rated unit.

This indoor unit consists of a digital camera and passive infrared detector. The digital camera is a black and white camera equipped with a wide angle lens (85 degrees). This camera provides a 320 x 240 pixel resolution picture. The unit is equipped with two infrared LED’s providing night time illumination of up to 14 feet. The passive infrared motion detector is rated for 40 feet at a 90 degree pattern. This unit is equipped with a tamper switch, once mounted if it should be removed it will trigger an alarm on the system. This unit is ideal for mounting in the corner of a room or for viewing a hallway or stairwell. When activated by motion the unit will trigger the alarm panel as well as transmit a 10 second video clip to the Central Monitoring Station.

The outdoor unit is very similar to the indoor unit except it is housed in an outdoor protective housing and the two infrared LED’s provide night time viewing with a range of up to 26 feet. This unit is ideal for monitoring an equipment yard, secured storage area, construction site, or fence perimeter.

Visit our website for product datasheets, links to the manufacturer’s website, and sample video clips.