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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buyer’s Guide for Commercial Intrusion (Burglar) Alarm Systems: Part 3 Special Purpose Detectors

This is the third blog in a series of blogs to provide a comprehensive guide to designing and selecting the intrusion alarm system that is right for your organization. In this blog we will discuss some specific detectors for unique and special purpose applications that can be connected to your alarm system.
ProTech Piramid Outdoor Motion Detector

The Piramid dual technology outdoor motion detector is designed to provide intruder detection for yards and outdoor areas. This highly adjustable dual technology unit utilizes stereo doppler microwave detection with dual element infrared detection requiring both movement and heat in order to produce an alarm condition. It is designed for outdoor applications and adjusts to the normal changes in heat, vibrations, and moving elements (such as the wind blowing). The unit has ten different adjustment settings allowing to adjust the sensitivity of the microwave and infrared detectors, as well as adjustments for bird and small animal immunity.

Protection Plus has deployed these units for monitoring service yards. This is more cost effective then deploying a photoelectric beam system and allows for a large area of coverage.

The Protech Outdoor Motion Detector datasheet can be downloaded from our website at this link:

Honeywell IntelliSense Temperature Sensor

The Honeywell IntelliTemp temperature sensor can provide alarm conditions for both temperature too high and temperature too low.  It provides a digital display of the current temperature.  It is accurate to +/- 2 degrees Farenheit.  The local unit will monitor temperatures from 32 to140 degrees Farenheit.  The remote prob allows for monitoring in the range of -40 to 140 degrees Farenheit.

Protection Plus has deployed these units in computer rooms, greenhouses, and other temperature sensitive areas. 

The Honeywell IntelliSense IntelliTemp product datasheet can be downloaded at this link:

Winland Waterbug Moisture Detection System

The Winland Waterbug moisture detection system is designed to detect the presence of water.  This unit connects to the alarm system and provides an environmental alarm when water is detected in an area.  The unit allows for the connection of up to six probes located up to 100 feet from the base unit. 

Protection Plus has deployed these units in elevator shafts, water drainage areas, sunken patios, office areas, any area where water damage is a concern. 

The Winland Waterbug product datasheet can be downloaded at this link:

Kouba Local Door Alarm - Integrated Alarm and Access Control Systems  

The Kouba Local Door Alarm is designed to monitor the status of a door when the alarm system is integrated with the access control system.  See my previous blog for more information on integrating your alarm system with your access control (card entry) system at this link:

The local door alarm monitors the door status for prop open and forced open conditions.  This unit sounds an intermittent warning horn if the door should be propped open, allowing personnel the opportunity to shut the door before the unit goes into alarm.   If the door is shut it resets, if not it triggers an alarm condition, sounds a constant audible tone, and will trigger the building alarm system if active. 

This unit interfaces with access controlled doors allowing authorized entry without triggering an alarm condition.  Likewise it allows free exit without triggering an alarm.  This unit is essential to the successful deployment of a perimeter alarm system integrated with the access control system. 

Without these local door alarm in place employee generated alarms will occur on a routine and regular basis since there is no warning prior to the alarm occurring, especially on doors that may not close all the time.

Protection Plus has deployed hundreds of these units, saving our customers countless dollars in fines from false alarm fees imposed by the responding police departments.

The Kouba Local Door Alarm product datasheet can be downloaded at this link: